plaid and polka dots

19 March 1986
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A wanna-be eccentric guy. Taking a semester off from college to work for awhile. I was majoring in Graphic Design but now I'm thinking Criminal Justice (with the idea being to go on to Police Academy) or... something else. Heh, back to square one, really. w00t, right?
I'm also a Chaplain Assistant in the US Army Reserve. Pro Deo Et Patria. Go me.

I'm not emo, but I am a hopeless romantic. My favorite colour is plaid. Pink is my next favorite for those of you whom are thinking "plaid isn't a colour." You're right but I don't care. Burnt orange, violet, and puke/avocado green are great colours too. I fear cooties. My favorite letter is Q.
My several obsessions include neck-ties, film (mainly independent films), music, and art (to include graphic and stage arts).

Despite what the design of my blog and the composition of my user icons might suggest, I'm not really obsesed with eyes. Just a coincidence.

I have a car named Ruth. A laptop named Cordelia. A USB flash drive named Agatha, or Aggie for short. A cell phone named Zaphod. Yeah, I know you're thinking it. "This guy is pathetic. Who names inanimate objects?" Well I do it so that in the extremely unlikely event that I'll ever procreate I'll have a few good names in mind with which to name my offspring. If I didn't name inanimate ojbects like I do I'd probably forget these cool names. Cedric is a neat one too. And Eunice. My old laptop was named Eunice...

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