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20OCT2006 0315R
Who of my readers likes what they've been hearing about the EU? All I've heard is bad news.

Who likes the idea of a North American Union?
Don't like the idea? Think it's a really bad idea?

I would suggest you read this then. An Official US Government program funded by your tax money.

Also check out this other stuff...
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI)
Building a North American Community

9OCT2006 1700R
Jeez, you can't let these guys do anything without watching them closely...

Here's the FCC's Playbook for Burying Net Neutrality

Also, beware of the Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids through the fluoridation of water.
7OCT2006 0622R
Okay everyone, I'm back online.

I broke down and decided to hand over $45/month for Cable. I've tested it a few times today and I've been getting between 3300 and 3600 kbps. Pretty nice.

Sure was quite a hastle trying to get service, though. You'd almost think Time Warner didn't want customers. They're really lucky they have a monopoly here on-post or I would have went with a different carrier in a heartbeat. Sucky customer service, high prices, bad customer management database. Slow service in all respects.

Though Time Warner isn't the only company that has bad and/or slow service. This is first place I've ever been in my life where it can take 25 minutes to go through the drive-thru. The first place I've seen people get so ticked off at how long it's taking, that they'll just get out of the drive-thru line and drive off. Ridiculous.

I don't really have much more to say other than to let you all know I'm still alive.
20AUG2006 2300R
We can drive around with the top down
Stereo turned up loud with a phat sound
'cause I'm yours to keep, if you want to

It's thunder storming here. It's great. I opened the window to let in the smell.

I like what I'm doing here. It's exactly what I signed up for. I've got a great job, and I'm in a good position. Sundays are stressful, and I haven't yet had a chance to go to church (yes, ironic, isn't it? I work at a chapel... >shakes head<). Week days I am kept busy, but not too busy.

Being at a TRADOC post, having to deal with Basic Training privates at one time or another is a fact of life. Not a pleasant one, but something I have to deal with nonetheless. Once a week I will put in a request to... some acronym... for a detail of BCT (Basic Combat Training) soldiers. When it is approved, I will go and pick them up using the GOV truck (a nice Dodge Ram 2500 long-bed with a topper), take them to the chapel, and set them to doing what needs to be done around the chapel. Tasking them is a full-time job, so nothing else gets done the day that we have a detail. It's not a full-time job because the soldiers need constant supervision; they are so well disciplined already that when you set them to something, they are very industrious, and will do it well and quickly. It's the quick part that makes it a full-time job. Keeping 8 soldiers, in buddy teams, busy is harder than it sounds, even when there's as much to be done as needs to be done at the Main Post Chapel. Anyway, I am suddenly bored of talking about that subject.

Is it just me or is Torn by Natalie Imbruglia about some chick getting raped? I suppose it could be about a lot of things, but that's the one that comes to mind first.
Okay that was random.

On Friday night I went to SPC Andrews' house for a house-warming party of sorts. He and his wife and son just moved. It was a good party, I suppose. Played night horse-shoes. Which was very interesting. Chem-lights are helpful. (that's "glowsticks" to you civilians)

Other than that I have no social life.
That's not really anything new. But at least back in Wisconsin I had Jeremy's or Ted's house to go to late at night to watch movies with them.

Sitting in my room, in the dark, watching independent films.

The music and film scene down here is... pathetic. Non-existent. Or highly underground. Unfortunately it's probably the first rather than the latter.

Depressing things are happening to a lot of my friends... and here, far away from friends and family, with home-sickness finally kicking in, I am lonely.
14AUG2006 0013R
Burgundy-brown 1979 Chevy Silverado 10 short-bed.

I have a lot more pictures of it (unfortunately none of the interior or engine compartment) but this digital camera I borrowed crapped out on me. More photos later.

Should I buy this truck?

Yes, pay the asking price ($4,000)
Yes, but don't pay that much.
No, keep Ruth

Suggest a name for the truck, should I buy it.

13AUG2006 2124R
[ Mood: lonely ]
Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows XP SP1 on October 10 of this year. That blows.
13AUG2006 1719R
Finally. I have Internet of my own.

I bought a Sierra Wireless AirCard 860 today.
HSDPA/UMTS 850/1900 MHz; EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; Connects to Cingular's 3G broadband network.

$110 after rebate and other discounts.

Funny side-effect: Ya know that buzzing interference sound that you get when you set your cell phone next to a speaker or TV? Especially just before one gets a call?

Yeah. I get just a tad bit of that on my laptop's speakers, though only very occasionally.

There's a lot more to say but this is all I feel like saying for now. So much to catch up on...
7JUL2006 2233R
6JUL2006 1500R
[ Mood: hot ]

28JUN2006 1741R
[ Mood: pensive ]
Konstantine is much too long to be played in concert.

But I understand why they do.

I wonder if that guy is still dying.
23JUN2006 2202R
I'm back from Ft. McCoy. It was enjoyable, I guess.
Got to work with a good unit up there, the 139th Med Group, from Missouri.

My sister joined the Army Reserve this last Tuesday. She's going to be a 68W, formerly 91W, "Health Care Specialist/LPN." Medic, basically. She'll go to Basic next Summer after she graduates, and then she'll have about a year of MOS training at Ft. Sam Houston.

She's planning on being a Physical Therapist. The 68W MOS training counts for 2 years of college credits at most schools. So when she gets back, she's planning on going into the ROTC, then being a Junior in college just starting out. She'll have all of her remaining two years of school paid for, plus being paid just to go to school. After graduating and getting her commission, she'll be an RN. And an officer. In just four years, starting now. And that includes the year of high school she has left, yet.

As for me, I am now regretting not taking Ft. Brag, NC instead of Jackson. I like North Carolina a lot more than I like South Carolina. Those Blue Ridge mountains are beautiful.


Okay, back to my schedule of late-night TV/movie watching.
8JUN2006 2230R
It's official. I'm in the Active Army now.

56M Chaplain Assistant. Ft. Jackson, SC. Meh. Not anywhere near where I wanted to be, but we'll see how it all works out.

That's all for now.

EDIT: oh yeah also: 3 year contract instead of 4, yay.
6JUN2006 1317R
Okay so the Army is like "hey lets screw stuff up a little" and so they did.

If everything goes well now, I should leave tomorrow, be put up for the night at the Howard Johnson, and do the MEPS thing -reenlisting- bright and early on Thursday. From there I'll ship out to my Duty Station between 2 and 12 weeks, though most likely within 4 weeks.

3JUN2006 2325R
I go to MEPS on Monday.

For those that don't know what that means: It: It Means: I am going to sign my Active Duty contract on Monday unless, of course, something goes horribly wrong.
Which it might. My recruiter isn't the brightest bulb. Actually when he walks around I can hear is filament rattling... :\\\\\\\\\\

oh yeah also I had to retake the ASVAB: I did worse this time than the first time I took it two years ago :(
an 89 as opposed to my original score of 92 DARN

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery okay folks

edit: the highest possible score for the ASVAB is like 120 I think, fyi. and also I think having a 120 means you're a near genius or something, too.

28MAY2006 2024R
Hey uh why is it that games these days take up 523 Billion GB of disk space? I mean come on. That's nuts. I could only manage 2, maybe 3, such games and NO OTHERS with my 37.5 GB HD (plus all of my other daily use productivity programs). It's, uh, kinda insane.

I just bought Rainbow Six 3 "Gold Edition" (Raven Shield and the Athena Sword expansion) for the PC. I loved Rainbow Six, and Rainbow Six 2 and thought I might try out the third one, though knowing my computer could probably barely handle it even though it's only barely more than a year and a half old.

27MAY2006 1059R
I'm in the USO right now, waiting for my flight. It's going to be a long wait. >shrugs<

Free food and drink, Xbox, big screen TV, hundreds of movies, free broadband wireless Internet access, big comfy couches. I love the USO.

My family is in MN right now. So either Jeremy or Colin is picking me up tonight. It will be good to be home.

oh yeah I also slipped and twisted my knee last night. oww.
23MAY2006 2353R
Yeah I'm in Ft. Lewis, WA for those of you whom didn't know.
I'll be getting home late Saturday night.

Spent Thursday afternoon through early Sunday afternoon with Katie. We went to Seattle on Saturday. :) Lots of fun.

It's raining right now. But it sorta does that a lot here.

Hmm. I've been driving ROTC cadre around. But it's a boring job, there are very few runs to be made.

For those of you whom don't know, it is a 90% certainty that I'll be going Active Duty by the end of next month. It is a 100% certainty that I'll be Active Duty by the end of Summer.
I'm trying to reclass for 31B (Military Police) but they might not let me. We'll see. Also I'll probably not get any bonuses for going Active. >shrugs<
I'll probably be going to MEPS the Monday after I get back. Things are rolling along quickly. Once I've signed my life away for the second time, now, it could be anywhere between a couple days and a few months before I ship out.

I think that's all.

CRAP! Geez the Auto-Save Draft thing on LJ almost actually SCREWED me rather than saving my ass (which it's done once before). Uck.

3MAY2006 2244R
Ruth's right headlight is out. aaaugh

EDIT: Cappuccino Dry is way too dry for my taste.

Also: don't drink two special coffees in only a half-hour space of time.

Also also: I think coffee must be a laxative or something.

2MAY2006 2308R
Hey I've added some new user pics finally. See them here. Also I'm going to be changing some more blog things soon, including doing my friend's page. And maybe making an in-kind style for my pics.livejoural.com Item.

This means I'm going to learn myself CSS because Tone is too busy. (This shouldn't be too hard because I can look at the current CSS and just learn off of that, yay.) He is Mr. College now and I am Mr. I Have Too Much Time On My Hands Sort Of.

2MAY2006 2108R
Hey guys my parents are pretty much kicking me out. Yay. :)

Actually not really, but they might as well be. Not that I blame them. I mean, I never expected to be, or wanted to still be living at home at the age of 20. But uh yeah.

They'll be charging me room and board soon.

And I am sort of a lot of money in debt. Especially for someone with a barely 10 hour a week job. Which I've now quit because working for one's parents sucks more than you might think. Or perhaps exactly as much as one might think.

Now getting a new job would be pretty easy for me. There are several job fields that gobble up current or former members of the Armed Forces. Most of these are security jobs (a job pretty much any Army person could do, regardless of their MOS; of course if one were 25S (Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer) you would be most desired by a company like EchoStar Technologies more than a security company, most likely), but almost all employers love prior or current Armed Forces members because well we're only some of the best trained people in the world in our respective fields of expertise.

Would. I say "would" because this month, in a couple weeks, I head to Ft. Lewis, WA for two weeks for duty with the USAR. Then in June I'm gone up in Ft. McCoy for another 18 days. So there's two huge gaps of time that, if I were to get hired before then, I wouldn't be able to work and would most likely piss my employer off greatly. If not prevent me from getting hired at all.

So I'm kinda screwed. We'll see how it all turns out.