Nathaniel (toxicjelly) wrote,

Gross Incompetence

If there's one sweeping generalization about South Carolina that I'll make it's this: the state is full employers who hire incompetent employees, and then poorly train them.

I'd never seen anyone pull out of line at a drive-thru after they've already ordered. This is due to what can be a ridiculously long wait at a drive-thou, something that is supposed to be *faster* than parking your can and going into the restaurant. At least I gather that's what the idea behind drive-thrus is, or was. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I have sat in a drive-thru line for more than 25 minutes on more than one occasion.

Time Warner
You'd think they don't want your business. They make it so hard to order service from them, and then they *mess up everything*. I went into the location here on post to buy high-speed Internet service from them and they said noone at my location had ordered service from them previously, and so my address had to be put into the computer before I could even order. "Putting [my] address into the computer" is apparently something that takes at least a week, or so they told me anyway. I come back 8 days later and order the service. They give me a date and time range for when it will be installed. That date comes, the time range comes and goes, and no installation. I call them the next day to ask them why they didn't show up, and to reschedule the installation, and they couldn't even find me in the computer. It was as if I hadn't ever ordered. So I reorder, right then, over the phone. When it's installed, they take the first month's payment right then. She told me that the amount due at the install would be $45. That was not the same price the on post location had told me. They said it was going to be $30/mo for the first 3 months, then $45 after that. She supposedly changed my account on the computer to reflect this. When the guy came to install it, he asked for, and received $30, so I figured everything was fine. I get my first actual bill and they're asking me for *$60*. $15 of which is supposedly over-due. $45 of that was for this past month's service. It didn't take long for me to realize that all she had done was make a note on my account for the installer to only collect $30 instead of $45, and that I'm now getting billed for the other $15. Bastards. Stupid bastards. Nit-wits.

These idiots are screwing me royally. There's no other way to put it. I'm *seriously* thinking about suing them. I'm going over to JAG today to get some legal advice concerning the matter.
I don't remember if I ever mentioned this in previous posts, but they've screwed up one thing
or another *every month* since I've been here, requiring me to call Customer Service or go to the local Cingular store at least once, if not several times, a week to correct the matters. The short story of what's currently the problem: Cingular says I owe them over $700 (this is with late fees) for service for which I never received a bill. I never even knew I owed them this money, and then one day a collection notice shows up. I call them and go into the local store and end up making a claim (that's what they called it) to have all of these charges removed. Because, of course, it's completely unfair (and probably illegal, too) to charge somebody money and not tell them that they owe the money, and then when they don't pay the money that they never knew they had to pay, they don't pay it, and you send it to a collection agency. The claim was supposed to fix everything, and they were going to let me know when it had been taken care of. They said 7 business days. I gave them 8, just to give them the benefit of the doubt. Nope, apparently once it's been sent to the collection agency Cingular doesn't touch it anymore, even though that's exactly the opposite of what they told me when the claim was made. They said they would clear the balance and retract it from the collection agency (this last part *did* sound rather fishy). So now I've got to deal with the collection agency, and see if I can explain to them what happened.
This is bogus.
Especially because I never ONCE had even the slightest problem with Cingular before I moved here.
Yes, I am blaming South Carolina.

All this is on top of what has been a rather cruddy week.
I'm pissed.

ACS here I come.
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