Nathaniel (toxicjelly) wrote,

Odie the Pug

Okay, I really really really want a pug.

Pugs are awesome dogs.
I'm usually much more of a mid- to large-size dog lover, but pugs are the exception.

I'm pretty sure Katie and I are going to get a pug for our first dog. We're planning to get one from a pug rescue, most likely the Seattle Pug Rescue since we'll be near the Seattle area.

But I also want to show you Odie the Pug.
I should warn you that his story is so sad it made me tear up, so keep that in mind before taking a look at this little guy. Nothing graphic, it's just very sad. This poor guy isn't even a year old yet and has had a pretty bad life up 'til now.
But fortunately, and thanks to SEPRA, he's finally living life like a pug puppy should.
They just added some new pictures of him, and he's so adorable. Wish I could adopt him.

Anyway. Pugs are awesome. The end.
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