Nathaniel (toxicjelly) wrote,


Some of you have heard of "Web 2.0".
But have any of you heard of Identity 2.0?

I won't go into too much detail, but there's a great keynote presentation from OSCON 2005 you can watch on Dick Hardt has great presentation style, and it's a funny and informative keynote. There are several other neat videos on Sxip Identity's website (pronounced \skip\).

See also:
Check out Sxip's new extension for Firefox, Sxipper. Good stuff.

What I'm interested in seeing is how Identity 2.0 will inevitably interface with governmental and legislative initiatives, like the Real ID Act.
No doubt we'll eventually all have SmartCards for our passports, driver's licenses, and other governmental/municipal IDs. The US DoD already does it.

Don't say "CAC card." I will kill you
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