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Bobba Betta

Yesterday I got a male Betta fish. He's got a very dark red body with red tail fins (with hints of blue towards the edges) and light and dark blue top and underside fins.

I got him a a 10 gallon aquarium even though all they really need is a small fish bowl at a minimum. I did this because later I plan on adding one or two other non-Betta fish.

For now he sits on my desk-thing, alone, in about 15 liters of water.

I'm still deciding on a name but I have a few finalists.
I'm going to give him 3 names.
And the third I'm pretty sure is going to be Jupiter.

Here they are, in no order of preference.
Brac Gutzon Jupiter
Gutzon Bourget Jupiter
Irasmus Birgit Jupiter (I think Irasmus is a female name. And I know Birgit is. It's Norwegian.)

Let me know what you think, or suggest a name, or whatever.

Pictures to come.
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