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I'm an alleged perpetrator of credit fraud. And the parts for my new computer have been delayed. Both orders I made (the first one I canceled after the trouble with it) weren't being processed and the reason why they weren't is because the payment method was declined.

The reason it was declined? Because I told Newegg to ship the stuff to my cousin. My cousin, of course, has a different address than my billing address. OHMYGOSH IT MUST BE FRAUD!

While it may look fishy to ship my very first order with Newegg to a different place than my billing address, I certainly don't think it warrants canceling my account! Jeez. I called them and asked them if there was any way I could have it shipped to my cousin without payment being declined and they said there wasn't. GAAAAH!
So now it could take them up to two weeks to reopen my account. I have to cancel my current order (they also said I couldn't just change the shipping address for the already pending order) and resubmit a new one, but not until the reopen my account.

A waste of time and money. Now I'll have to have it shipped to myself, then ship it myself to tgies.

I hate people.
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